The Epic Mickey Puzzle 500 Piece Puzzle is a puzzle inspired by Epic Mickey, created by Ravensburger.

It features Mickey Mouse, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Gremlin Gus ascending a staircase, featuring various Blotworx, Spatters, The Mad Doctor and finally, the Shadow Blot.

It measures 49.3 x 36.2cm when complete.

Official Description

This fresh, new imagery comes from Disney's Epic Mickey video game, and brings a whole new style of mega-cool artwork to the world of puzzles. Our hero Mickey is striding forward through pools of ink (or is it paint?), holding his magic paintbrush. The ripples, colours and reflections within this image are amazing and will be a real challenge to complete. Once done, we reckon this would be a fantastic puzzle to glue, frame and put up on your wall.[1]


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