A Captain's Life for Me is one of the quests in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. It is given by Damien Salt or Beluga Billy in Ventureland. Mickey has the options of doing the Paint path (helping Damien Salt) or the Thinner path (helping Beluga Billy). Either method will involve as first step of the quest buy the Giant Pearl from Tiki Sam, stealing it by going through the back entrance of his shop (it this happens Tiki Sam will not sell anything to the player, so be careful), or trading it with the Pearl of Wisdom found in Autotopia.

Paint Path

To do the full Paint path, Mickey will have to talk to Damien Salt, then get the Giant Pearl, climb to the roof of Daisy's house up to a tiki head, and place the Giant Pearl. After placing the Pearl, paint the 3 mirrors around Ventureland for the tiki head to open it. The 3 mirrors are:

  • On the upper part of the entrance to the Construction site.
  • On the platform on top of the elevator.

Get the treasure (the Medallion of Tick-Tock the Crocodile) and give it to Damien Salt and he will give Mickey the Love Conquers All pin.

Thinner Path

For the Thinner path, talk to Beluga Billy, get the Giant Pearl, and use the Pearl in the Pirates' Quarters to activate three levers that Mickey has to spin. The levers are:

  • In one of the corners of the roof of the Train Station.
  • Near the secret entrance to the Pirates' Quarters.
  • In the tree to the right of the entrance to the Quarters.

After spinning the three levers, go near the projector screen to Mean Street North and you will notice that the Thinner is not there anymore; go down and enter the entrance to Hook's library, open the chest inside and give the map to Beluga Billy. Billy will give you the Careful Planning pin and if Mickey goes to the Pirates' Quarters through the secret entrance he can get the Booty to the Head pin.

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