A Friend in Deed is a quest in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.

Metairie's old houseboat is sinking in the Thinner whirlpool and now she needs to find a new home in Bog Easy, but Bertrand wants to open his magic shop since his old one got crushed during the quake. Now, Mickey and Oswald must repair the abandoned building in the third area of Bog Easy. Gremlin Sparks will announce that the Beetleworx that Oswald reprogrammed earlier did all the hard work already and will give them the deed to the newly refurbished building for either Metairie or Bertrand.

Metairie's Path

If the deed is given to Metairie, she will have herself a new home and ask Mickey and Oswald to take one of three pictures for her. They are as follows:

  1. A sleeping bear in Fort Wasteland
  2. An open electric eye in the Floatyard
  3. Gilda in Autotopia

If one or two photos are to be turned in, Gus will warn that this will automatically conclude the quest. If all three photos are turned in after obtaining the "Picture Perfect" achievement/trophy (in Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, respectively), Metairie will give Mickey a firefighter pin.

Bertrand's Path

If the deed is given to Bertrand, he will open his magic shop. Upon visiting him in the restored building, he informs Mickey and Oswald that Bunny Children stole his hats, and asks them to destroy the other hats scattered around Wasteland. The hats are hidden in the following places:

  1. On the roof of Bertrand's Magic Shop
  2. Inside the graveyard (invisible ink required to sneak past the statues guarding it)
  3. Next to the Bog Easy Train Depot
  4. On the roof of Louis' shack
  5. Next to the Bog Easy Old Town Shanty Shop (thinner required to finding behind the wall
  6. On the roof of the Bog Easy Old Town Shanty Shop

For every hat that Mickey and Oswald destroy, Bertrand rewards them with E-Tickets and collectible pins ("Hockety Wockety Pockety Pack" and "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo" pins).

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