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Abner is an anthropomorphic dog living in Wasteland. He can be found in OsTown.

Epic Mickey

He tells Mickey that the Gag Factory is out of business and that he can't stand toons constantly walking up to it thinking otherwise. He will give Mickey the quest, Thin the Gag Factory, asking Mickey to thin out the pretty colors on the Factory so that people will stop thinking it's open. When the factory is completely bare, Abner will give Mickey a Power Spark. After that, Abner asks Mickey to take him with him if he decides to become famous again.

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

In the sequel, Abner reappears with a less important role. Abner doesn't have a quest to give Mickey. One of the OsTown Toon dogs' name is altered to Male Dog, it's either Ezra or Abner.