Goofy is a dog character who makes frequent appearances in Mick

ey Mouse-related media. Goofy first appeared in the 1932 cartoon "Mickey's Revue"; in it, he had no name, but the artists called him "Dippy Dawg". He was a member of the audience watching Mickey, Minnie, Horace Horsecollar,and Clarabelle Cow perform in a song and dance show. He would irritate his fellow spectators by eating peanuts very loudly and laughing very loudly, until two other spectators hit him with a mallet and emulated his laugh. He made many, many apperences afterwards, even spawning his own sub series called "How to...." Goofy's laugh and holler are known very well and are considered his trademarks.

He was one of the first characters to have been comfirmed for Epic Mickey in concept art. In the game (as with Donald Duck and Daisy), Oswald had The Mad Doctor made an animatronic version of him as a friend for him before the events of the game. He appears in Ostown and has a mission, like Donald and Daisy, involving the recovery of his spare parts in Tomorrow City. Many people find it confusing that Goofy can walk on two legs and talk, but Mickey's dog, Pluto, can't. There are also several original characters in the game (one of them being called Tiki Sam) that have a similar appearence to Goofy. This may be a reference to Goofy's everyman cartoons from the 1950s in which many Goofy-like characters appeared.

Epic Mickey: Tales of Wasteland

"Mickey Mouse has a couple of intrepid pals who don't seem to have anything better to do than share his adventures, so why not Oswald? That was certainly the Lucky Rabbit's thinking when he cobbled together spare animatronic parts and fashioned his very own versions of Donald Duck and the inimitable Goofy.

Sure, they look kind of creepy, but their mechanical hearts are in the right place (or at least pretty close; Goofy's heart might be closer to where his spleen should be, and you don't wanna know where his brain is.) And yeah, they know they're not the originals. But that doesn't make them any less devoted to Oswald than the real versions are to Mickey, and always ready for whatever misadventure he has in mind!"

Animatronic Goofy is character in the Epic Mickey: Tales of Wasteland (digi)comics. These comics are a prequel to Epic Mickey and take place before the Thinner Disaster. He helps Oswald and Animatronic Donald in their struggle to clean the clocktower in "Clock Tower Cleaners".and joins Oswald in his dare with Pete (together with Donald) to stay a night in Lonesome Manor in "One Scary Night".


A sketch of Goofy in the early stages.

Goofy's Parts

Animatronic Goofy's parts were hidden in Tomorrow City area, here are the locations:

  • 1. Hidden behind a wall in the "Raise the Notilus" level.It's on the opposite wall of one of the gear tower, you'll have to use Thinner
  • 2. Defeat the Slobber mini-boss with Paint. The chest with the part will be revealed
  • 3. Reactivate that cargo-car ride (i.e. Thin the farther floor from the entrance to reveal a path to a hidden room. Paint the gears back in then spin the center one) Platform on the cars to the other edge. Chest is right there
  • 4. The "preview camera" for the Rocket Ship area will automatically show you where it is. Use one of the big pods to reach it (Thin the big pod and jump inside).


  • If you manage to not get or lose one of Goofy's parts don't worry. They will be on sale at the Emporium for a total of 1,000 E-tickets.
  • Repairing Goofy will allow access into Ortensia's house. This opens the option of selling the locket inside for a lot of E-tickets or giving it to Oswald for a Health Expansion. Repairing him also gives you the special pin "Animatronic Goofy".

Oswald claims Goofy's vacuum foot was all his idea.


"Hiya Mickey!"

"Are those what I think they are? Yup! My parts!"

"This place could use some cleanin'. And boy do I like cleanin'!

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