Anvil Sketch

Applicable Games
Anvil Sketch Unlocked.png
Gremlin Ferdinand gives Mickey an Anvil Sketch.

The Anvil sketch is one of the sketches that makes a temporary anvil appear above and trigger pressure plates, crush enemies or objects, or make it so that Mickey can climb things that are too high for a jump. The sketch is first given by Gremlin Neville after he is freed by the Spladoosh in the Lonesome Manor, although the Mad Doctor ''gave" Mickey the sketch first before he left vowing that Mickey would "regret the day he found the Mad Doctor" (after he left the sketch behind in the chest next to where the Gremlin is). Any of the methods will trigger the Anvil introduction cutscene.

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, the Anvil Sketch may be purchased for 250 E-Tickets from Tiki Sam in Ventureland. It can be upgraded for 500 E-Tickets. It functions the same way.

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