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High-tech tower located at the center of Autotopia.

Once home to a grand racetrack, Autotopia's now just a shadow of its former self. Mickey & Oswald must team up to find out who's behind the pollution and Thinner disasters. Will you help?

–Disney Epic Mickey Facebook Page

Autotopia is a location in Wasteland, first introduced in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.


The land, part of Tomorrow City, is based on Disneyland's opening day attraction, Autopia, equipped with vintage cars from the retired attraction, Midget Autopia. It is connected to the Mad Doctor's Attic as well as the Ventureland Construction Site. It is home to its grand racecar track. Apparently, Autotopia survived the Thinner Disaster even though everybody thought it had been thinned out, resulting in no one daring to go there for years until the mad Doctor discovered it.

Epic Mickey 2

When Mickey, Oswald, and Gus arrive here, Gus explains Autotopia's history. Following that, Mickey notices the Guardians trapped and Oswald notices the machines that are pumping them out of the ground; this serves as the main objective of Autotopia. The player can set the guardians free by making Oswald reprogram the ports in the siphons, or putting the old car engines in the ventilation systems, which makes the machine stop pumping the guardians, and keep the guardians trapped. After finishing that, Gilda will be here and ask the player to find Gremlin Stuffus for her to repair Autotopia (second visit). Racing with cars instead of running as in the prequel is now available as a simple race (paint path) or as a demolition derby (thinner path). In Thanks for the Memories, Rigger Greene and Moody will be there and give you a pin (Rigger Greene's Path).


  • In Autotopia, if you are in the second siphon area and you are on the street, you can see Tomorrow City in the long distance.
  • Due to the projector screen to Autotopia in Epic Mickey 2 not being part of the main network, as it was undoubtedly made by the Mad Doctor, it is unknown what happened to Autotopia's true projector and where it would have been. However, considering the Projectors were only in proper use after the Thinner Disaster, it may not have had a projector built, considering it was supposedly destroyed by the thinner. However it may have been accessible from Tomorrow City by land before the Thinner Disaster and the Earthquakes in Epic Mickey 2.
  • During the first visit, you'll find an annoyingly wide range of Dropwings and the car-like Rockers. On your second visit, there are strangely no enemies in any of the areas, though this could be because Gilda and Gremlin Stuffus are there, or the Mad Doctor destroyed them, though this would only be plausible in the Good Ending.