There is a bad ending (also called the heartbreaking or dark ending) in Epic Mickey if the players chose the Bad path.

Epic Mickey 1

  • Small Pete is sulking in the Colosseum. (for trading the Ship Log to Shaky or by not getting it at all)
  • The Clock Tower has his face in the Thinner Pool and is stuck in his twisted state (still moving and his ear is floating away). (for defeating the Clock Tower by thinning the arms and hands)
  • Big Bad Pete scares the citizens away. (for not helping Small Pete, destroying Petetronic, and/or not saving Pete Pan's sprite)
  • Horace sulking and closing down his agency. (for not solving any of his cases)
  • Animatronic Goofy is left on his own while the town around him is a mess. (for not finding the parts of him)

Epic Mickey 2

  • The animatronic Mad Doctor tries to grab Mickey and Oswald. However, Mickey and Oswald defeat the Mad Doctor by destroying his machines using Thinner. The Mad Doctor falls into the Thinner Pool and is left by Mickey and Oswald. (for using Thinner during the final battle)
  • Remained pieces of the Blotworx Dragon are carried by the citizens of Wasteland for the parade. (for defeating the Blotworx Dragon by using Thinner or for taking the secret Projector Screen and crashing the ceiling onto the Dragon)
  • Clarabelle throws a piece of popcorn while Horace sighs sadly. (for not getting Horace to let Clarabelle be his assistant or for getting him to let Barnacle Jones be his assistant)
  • Prescott's Mech starts to destroy the part of a building as it follows the Blotworx Dragon's parts. (for taking the Thinner Path of the Mech's fight and taking the secret Projector Screen in Wasteland)
  • Some Spatters mess up with Ghost Ian and Paulie and Gremlin Markus when they are parading. (for defeating the Spatters in Blot Alley and defeating Deloris in the Float Yard)
  • Animatronic Donald tries to give Animatronic Daisy some flowers, but Daisy rejects the flowers. (for not fixing Donald's tugboat or for giving Gremlin Sparks the fake gear from Ghost Gilbert)


thumb|300px|left|The Bad ending


  • Yen Sid says Wasteland doesn't need him anymore but ironically, the citizens do need him.
  • It is presumed that the Spatter gnawing on Donald's case is the same one that had the voodoo doll, since both Spatters have green eyes (although the voodoo one has red eyes in the 2D cutscene), have fun harassing Donald, and Mickey doesn't encounter the voodoo one if he doesn't repair Donald.
  • As Yen Sid says things it goes along with the events. ("Struggles we faced or avoided" during Small Pete, refering to the ship log) ("How well we manage time" during Clocktower, refering to saving or killing it) ("Enemies defeated or redeemed" during Captain Hook, and Pete Pan, refering to saving or destroying Hook) ("The ways in which we treat others" during Big Bad Pete and Peteronic , refering to his side missions and Redeeming Peteronic) ("and perhaps most important friendships nurtured or neglected" during Horace, Animatronic Goofy, Animatronic Daisy, and Animatronic Donald, refering to putting the anmatronics back together and solving cases for Horace or ignoring them)
  • Yen Sid said Wasteland was restored by good choices, but actually in this ending the choices were unwise.
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