There is a bad ending in Epic Mickey. Here is a list of differences in the game


Small Pete is sulking in the coliseum. (for trading the Ship Log to Shaky or by not getting it at all)

The Clock Tower has his face in the Thinner Pool. (for defeating the Clock Tower by thinning the arms and hands)

Captain Hook was eaten by Tick-Tock the Crocodile. (for bashing Hook into the pillars and walls or fighting in at the plank)

Petetronic scares the Gremlins. (for defeating Petetronic)

Big Bad Pete scares the citizens away. (for not helping Small Pete, destroying Petetronic and not saving Pete Pan's sprite)

Horace staying in his agency while being sad. (for not solving any of his cases)

Animatronic Daisy is being shook by Moody. (for not finding the parts of her)

Animatronic Goofy is left on his own. (for not finding the parts of him)

Animatronic Donald is getting annoyed by a Spatter. (for not finding the parts of him)

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