thumb|300px|right|The Bad endingThere is a bad ending (also called the heart breaking or dark ending) in Epic Mickey if the players chose the Neutral or Bad path.


  • Small Pete is sulking in the coliseum. (for trading the Ship Log to Shaky or by not getting it at all)
  • The Clock Tower has his face in the Thinner Pool and is stuck in his twisted state. (for defeating the Clock Tower by thinning the arms and hands)
  • The digital image of Petetronic appears on a screen and scares away the nearby Gremlins. (for defeating Petetronic)
  • Big Bad Pete scares the citizens away. (for not helping Small Pete, destroying Petetronic and not saving Pete Pan's sprite)
  • Horace closing down his agency.. (for not solving any of his cases)
  • Animatronic Goofy is left on his own while the town around him is a mess. (for not finding the parts of him)


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