Barnacle Jones is a former assistant to Horace Horsecollar.

When Mickey and Oswald first met him, he asks if they visit Horace at his detective agency yet. Barnacle Jones remembers the time when he and Horace used to solve cases together. The problem is Scurvy Pat keeps complaining about Blotworx messing around and he "found" a compass that Barnacle Jones used to have and Pat tells the compass to lead him to his precious Momma's Pin Collection. Barnacle Jones will help Mickey and Oswald get his compass back by showing evidence that Scurvy Pat took his compass without asking. When he is caught red-handed by camera, Scurvy Pat will confess and give up Barnacle Jones compass. If the compass is shown to Barnacle Jones, he will return to Horace's Detective Agency as an assistant. If the compass is shown to Horace, Horace will return the compass to Scurvy Pat so that he can continue finding Momma's Pin Collection; thus making Clarabelle Cow his assistant.

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