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Bashers are a variety of Beetleworx. Unlike their brethren, they have a more humanoid build and are seen carrying blades of some kind. They (at least the ones in the Pirates of the Wasteland) originated as Animatronic Captain Hook's pirates who were converted into mechanical robots using Hook's Machine.


On top of the pirates from Ventureland, which resemble cybernetic pirates, there's more types of Bashers to be found in the games:

In the Lonesome Manor, they wear skeleton outfits, modeled after the ones seen in both The Skeleton Dance and The Mad Doctor shorts.

In the second visit to Space Voyage, they are dressed as Maximillian from The Black Hole. It is worth noting that they only show up during revisit, for unexplained reasons.

In the Floatyard in the second game, they are modeled after Tik-Tok from Return to Oz.

An unused version that was likely meant to be in Autotopia, where it resembles some kind of chef. It appears to be fully modeled and rigged, suggesting it was removed quite late into development.


Bashers are particularly dangerous, in part because they can run faster than Mickey. They will run up to him and unleash a quick spin attack which is difficult to punish. To defeat a Basher, first use Thinner to erase its armor. Without armor, the weak point on its back is exposed. It is easiest for Mickey to hit the weak point if he waits for the Basher to use a slow spin attack, which will cause its weak point to face forward. Once hit, a Basher will quickly retaliate with another spin attack, then run off to repair its toon armor. Alternatively, it is possible but annoying to sneak up behind one and land a hit on its weak point after thinning it, or even before it can ever paint its armor in. Paint is mostly useless against Bashers, but it will slow them down slightly. Bashers are one of the most resilient enemies, with three hit points. Once Mickey has defeated one, it will explode as all the other Beetleworx do.

Having recently acquired the Watch Sketch when a Basher is first encountered in the Jungle, the player may be tempted to utilize it against them. This won't do much, other than extend Mickey's opportunities to damage the Basher. The other two sketches fare better: A Basher will immediately assault any TV Sketch it sees, making itself vulnerable to attack. This fact can work against the player in situations where a TV must be placed on a power pad for some time. A well-placed Anvil Sketch will instantly crush and destroy a Basher.