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Battle of Mean Street is a quest received after the Battle of OsTown.

When meeting with Oswald near the Walt Statue, he will mention the Wastelanders' wish for a Heart, and now the rocket is useless. However, Mickey convinces Oswald to fight the Shadow Blot by blowing it up with the rocket. Afterwards, Oswald travels to Tomorrow City to fix the rocket, while Mickey starts getting rid of the Bloticles, beginning in Mean Street.

To rid Mean Street of the Bloticles, he will have to go in front of the Train Station to attack the Bloticle. It is guarded by a Slobber, three Spatters, and a Spladoosh. When finishing with the Bloticles, Mean Street will be safe again, the Ventureland projector will work again, and Mickey will win the Mean Street Repair Pin.

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