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The "Hades head" Tanker

Beetleworx are enemies created by the Mad Doctor. Beetleworx are first introduced at Mickeyjunk Mountain. Beetleworx used to help out in the Wasteland, but the new units serve as soldiers and attack anything in their way. They're also programmed to hate Mickey, but can be turned friendly if Oswald reprograms them with his Remote. They are largely immune to paint, but it can gum up their works and slow them down. The best way to destroy them is to thin out their Toon shells and hit the green weak spot, and repeat until they break. However, it is sometimes possible to slowly sneak up behind them and attack the spot before they can paint in their armor. This is good for keeping Tints, because destroying their shell will fill Mickey's Guardian gauge with green. However, it can take a lot longer to defeat them this way, and it doesn't work well for more than one at a time.

Because Oswald felt Mickey stole his fame and popularity, he was given types of Beetleworx made by the Mad Doctor that looked like Mickey's friends Donald, Daisy, and Goofy, to make him feel better. These are shown to be very friendly towards Mickey, since they were made before the Blot Wars. They have personalities very similar to Mickey's real friends. They are found in pieces scattered through the Wasteland, and can either be repaired, in which case they become friends, or left as they are.

Types of Beetleworx



Hoppers are the simplest and most common variety of Beetleworx. If they see Mickey, they will attempt to get close to him in order to attack with their buzzsaw head. They can be defeated by thinning their toon shell and spin attacking them, or by pushing them into either an endless pit or a Thinner pool.



Spinners are common spider-like Beetleworx. When they see Mickey, they will first retreat to form their toon armor then give chase to him their spinning buzzsaws. In order to defeat them, Mickey will have to stun them by thinning their toon armor and then spin twice to attack their weak spot.



Tankers are a powerful range-type Beetleworx. If they see Mickey, they will attemp to shoot paint and thinner from a distance or will attempt to ram him with one of its cannons if too close. If Mickey is to thin its toon armor off, it will raise its body and shoot both paint and thinner while spinning in a slow circle. Mickey will have to spin attack its weak spot in this phase three times.



Bashers are humanoid Beetleworx wielding swords. They attack by charging in-front of Mickey and slashing their blade at him. Thinning their armor will result in its weak backside after attempting to attack Mickey by spinning but will recover with another attack if not hit soon enough. Mickey will need to spin attack the weak spot three times for it to be destroyed.



Lifters[1] are an unused variety of Beetleworx that were intended to appear in Epic Mickey but were cut due to time restraints and low memory storage.[2] They were designed to grab Mickey with the claw on their back and toss him into a thinner pool or off an edge. [3]



  • Concept art of a large Beetleworx with a Blot-like face might have served as some inspiration for the Blotworx in the Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.
  • The process of the Pirates being transformed into Bashers by the Pirate Conversion Machine bears similarity to Doctor Eggman's Roboticizer from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
  • An unused Hades-type Beetleworx, was revealed alongside a piece of music that was also scrapped from the game. This can be heard in the "Sketching Mickey" extra on Game Informer's website.
  • In Epic Mickey 2, both the unused Hades Tanker and Tea Cup Spinner can be found by revisiting the dioramas.
  • Except for the Hopper found underneath Ostown, the Beetleworx in Epic Mickey 2 can only be reprogrammed in single player mode by having Oswald reprogram the access point connected to the Beetleworx generators that need to be painted in or individually by using there weak spot.

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