Beluga Billy is a character in Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2. He appears in Tortooga, where he has lost his sword and bag. Once Mickey obtains the bag, Billy will give him the first Watch Sketch. When Mickey gives Beluga Billy his sword, the Projector will be opened to the jungle.

In Epic Mickey 2, Beluga Billy is one of the candidates for pirate captain in the side quest A Captain's Life for Me. His side of the quest involves inserting the Giant Pearl into a globe stand inside the Jolly Roger building. Doing this will dam a nearby thinner river near the entrance to Ventureland. A door will be reachable, which will contain a map inside. Giving this to Billy will cause him to become captain.


  • Right before Mickey obtains the Watch Sketch from Beluga Billy, Billy says, "It's dangerous to go alone, take this". This was said in the first game of the extremely popular Legend of Zelda Series, a series that Warren Spector, in his interview for February 2010's issue of Nintendo Power, has claimed to be a devoted fan of. This is one of the only non-Disney references in Epic Mickey.
  • He said he would head to Ventureland, but he is seen along with the Prison Pirates and Gentleman Starkey having recaptured Tortooga after Mickey gets back from the Jungle.
  • He is surprisingly absent in the watch sketch cutscene.
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