Beppo the Gorilla is a crazed monstrous ape that debuted in the 1930 short The Gorilla Mystery, in which he escapes from the zoo and captures Minnie Mouse. He has also antagonized a few other shorts including Mickey's Mechanical Man and The Pet Store. However, he did not make any appearances after that (though he served as the inspiration for the later Ajax the Gorilla, from the Donald Duck series); he might thus be residing in Wasteland, though he is never seen in person.



Beppo the Gorilla (as Kongo Killer) and Champ in Scene One.

Epic Mickey

Beppo the Gorilla is seen in one of the projector screens in Tomorrow City, that being the transition stages of Mickey's Mechanical Man. The original cartoon featured Beppo fighting a mechanical white robot named Champ created by Mickey Mouse.

In Scene One - Beppo is seen fighting Champ the Robot again and having the apparent victory smacking Champ's head in the boxing ring. While Champ's head springs up in the air, Mickey can get E-Tickets and a Film Reel above the ring.

In Scene Two - Beppo is seen losing the battle being jumped on by Champ on the back.

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