Bertrand is an anthropomorphic dog in Epic Mickey who lives in Bog Easy.

In Epic Mickey

Bertrand is first met during Mickey's first visit to Bog Easy. After speaking to Metairie, Mickey can speak to Bertrand to receive the Light the Lamps quest to help him regain his courage. After returning to Bog Easy later on, Bertrand gives Mickey the optional quest of helping him reopen the Bog Easy store.

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Bertrand returns in Epic Mickey 2 in Bog Easy, where he is found arguing with Metairie about who gets a restored building in the Old Town section of Bog Easy, which triggers the A Friend in Deed quest. Once the deed is acquired from Gremlin Sparks, Mickey can decide to give it either to Bertrand or Metairie. If he chooses to give it to Bertrand, he'll reward Mickey with pins, invite him to visit him in his new place, and give the mouse an additional quest.


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