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This article is about Big Bad Pete, the one residing in Mean Street. For the other Petes, see Pete (Disambiguation).

Big Bad Pete (or just Pete) is a key character in the Epic Mickey series, he is the main version of Pete that resides in Mean Street. He is voiced by Jim Cummings, like the other incarnations of him.

In Epic Mickey[]

When Mickey arrived on Mean Street, he immediately recognized his long-time nemesis hanging by City Hall. He is Mean Street's town jailer.

Pete explains that Wasteland has different versions of his character, and also gives Mickey a warning that as long as he doesn't mess with anybody, they won't mess with him. Pete was one of the people Mickey had to go to get the gears for the Projector Screen in the Penny Arcade

Pete's quests have two formats, rounding up the Bunny Children to prevent them from causing trouble at Mean Street, or have Mickey run an errand related to any of his incarnations in Wasteland while Mickey is in Action Stages. 

If Mickey helped Small Pete to gain trust with the Gremlins, he will give Mickey some E-Tickets and the Small Pete Pin. If Mickey doesn't, he will give nothing. If Mickey redeemed Petetronic, he will give Mickey a Power Spark, this will unlock the Redeemed Petetronic Pin. If Mickey destroyed Petetronic, he will give Mickey some E-Tickets instead, this will unlock the Defeated Petetronic Pin. If Mickey defeats the Animatronic Captain Hook and then freed the Sprite, Mickey will receive both the Captain Hook Pin and the Hook vs. Pete Pan Pin from Big Bad Pete on Mean Street. Finally, Pete will give Mickey his final mission to find the lost cartoons of Colonel Pete (likely earlier versions of Pete, including Black Pete, and Putrid Pete).

During the Good Ending, Pete is seen giving away fireworks to the citizens of Mean Street, while the Bad Ending has him scaring away the citizens and laughs. Both endings are meant to represent the ways in which we treat others.

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two[]

Big Bad Pete

Big Bad Pete makes his reappearance in the 2012 sequel. 

He now plays a minor role appearing in the Mean Street City Hall and the Wasteland Museum. He also tells Laralee about the Real World objects that fall into Wasteland, and when Mickey comes out of the Museum and into the City Hall, Pete will question why Mickey was also in the Museum.

Later, he also goes to Prescott's Arena along with the Mad Doctor, a Hopper, and Animatronic Daisy to arrest Gremlin Prescott. He then returns to City Hall, where he keeps a 'watchful eye' over Prescott.

At the end of the credits, he appears with Small Pete and Pete Pan (and Petetronic in the Bad Ending only) grasping a fearful Prescott in his hand. He then tosses him into the Ventureland Projector Screen and follows with a menacing laugh, planning something as is evident by his final quote in the game. Just what his plans were remains a mystery to this day.

Epic Mickey: Tales of Wasteland[]

"So Oswald didn't get the universal acclaim and adoration that Mickey became heir to. What did he manage to acquire? Mickey's arch nemesis, the formidable and ubiquitous "Pete" who - in a variety of incarnations - has bedeviled everyone's favorite mouse since 1928.

Big Bad Pete and Animatronic Donald yelling

Big Bad Pete and Animatronic Donald yelling at each other.

And now he's in Wasteland, keeping up with his old tricks, wearing just as many different hats and identities as he ever did.

Whether he's thrusting his unwanted attentions on Ortensia or wreaking havoc while attired as an ersatz Peter Pan, you can count on this two-bit thug to be up to some new villainy." (Pete's Tales of Wasteland profile)

Interestingly, this definition seems to imply that in the comics' continuity, Pete Pan is in fact Big Bad Pete in disguise; but this is negated by the fact that both versions appear together in the post-credit scene of Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two.

Pete is a character in the Epic Mickey: Tales of Wasteland digicomics. These comics are a prequel to Epic Mickey and take place before the Thinner Disaster. He makes a small cameo in "Clock Tower Cleaners" as Oswald drives by and he and some of his different incarnations are mentioned in other stories. He plays his biggest role as the villain in "The Game's Afoot", where he tries to kidnap Ortensia for himself.


Epic Mickey[]

  • "'And I hears about everything- includin' your run-in with Small Pete back in the World of Gremlins."
  • "So here- have some E-tickets. But don't think this means I decided to like ya."
  • "Small Pete may be a real chowderhead, but I'm glad you helped 'im."
  • So, ya tracked down Pete Pan? And he's got some fight in him again- Good!"
  • "Now folks will see how brave I truly am. Ain't nobody gonna be questioning it. And I'll be known as Pete the Great!"
  • "Oh, an' I suppose ya want something for your efforts. Well, take these E-tickets. I got too many of 'em anyway. These is just pocket change."
  • "Oh, and take a Power Spark, too. They're takin' up too much space around here."

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two[]

  • "Well, well, well, if it isn't Mickey Mouse!"
  • "Well, look who's back! Good ol' Mickey Mouse!"
  • "Come to save us poor forgotten toons, have ya?" (sarcastic)
  • (upon seeing Mickey and Oswald getting a pin from the jail entrance) "Wha? How'd you get in there, ya slippery mouse! Well, get yourself back out again!"
  • "Nah, it ain't inert just like that other stuff. It's different."
  • "Jest keep your eyes out for anything strange, alright?"
  • "What was I doin' in the Museum, eh, well I could ask you the same question!"
  • "Well, that's dat. I'll take it from here. Let me question him alone and his answers will be clear."
  • "Did Prescott really think he could do all of this crazy stuff without anybody findin' out?"
  • (to his fellow Petes at the very end of the game after the celebration of the defeat of the Mad Doctor) "Look at 'em all, so happy. They ain't ever gonna know what hit 'em!"


  • Many people nowadays believe that Pete is a type of dog. This is not so, as he is actually a bear (in some of his very first cartoons) or more currently cat, as shown in the early cartoons. There was even an episode of House of Mouse that confirmed this fact.
  • His character predates Oswald the Lucky Rabbit by a good amount of years, existing as an antagonist in the old Alice in Cartoon Land short films. When Walt needed a villain for Oswald to fight, Pete was given the role, and so began his position as main antagonist and rival to Oswald, and eventually, Mickey Mouse.
  • Big Bad Pete succeeds his former forms Black Pete and Putrid Pete.   
  • Though Pete isn't a forgotten character, he is in his classic form of Peg Leg Pete.
  • Oddly, in his introductory cutscene, Mickey refers to him as Big Bad Pete, despite this name being original to this game.
  • In the Power of Illusion, the modern Pete appears as one of Mizrabel's henchmen. 
  • His bowler hat appeared in many cartoons, including Mickey's Service Station (1935).
  • There is a rare glitch that in the missions of Pete before capturing all of the Bunny Children, Mickey must enter on Pete's before all the bunnies enter. If succeeded, Mickey can see inside on 3D like he would be outside and can use Paint and Thinner, this disappears when talking to Pete or getting out.
  • He is named after the Big Bad Wolf from the Three Little Pigs fairy tale and its Disney adaptation. Interestingly, both the Disney version of the Big Bad Wolf and Big Bad Pete wear a pair of trousers with only one strap and an elegant hat (bowler hat for Pete, top hat for Wolf). It could be possible (although it remains unconfirmed) that Big Bad Pete intentionally dresses like the Big Bad Wolf, just like Pete Pan dresses as Peter Pan
  • He possibly was going to be the main antagonist in Epic Mickey 3.
  • He may have been doing something he did not want Mickey to know in the Museum, as he ask's Mickey why he was also there.
  • A scrapped version of Pete shows him capturing Snow White, and disguises himself as her. This might be Small Pete, as he has a knack for crossdressing.


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