A Blocker

Blockers are a type of Blotworx in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. Their appearance is that of V.I.N.CENT from The Black Hole, a little red robot with white eyes, a pincer-like left arm and a wrecking ball on the right arm. Their name is inspired by the red force field (similar to those of the Gremlin cages) they activate from their left arm to protect themselves from paint and Thinner. They attack by swinging the iron boulder attached to their right arm.

To defeat them, Oswald will have to electrocute them with his remote. Then, either he or Mickey need to jump on their head to open the Blotworx's armor, exposing the Blotling and rendering him vulnerable to Paint or Thinner. It is possible to leap on them without Oswald's remote if they're quick enough, but it can be a lot more difficult doing it this way.





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