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*[[Oswald's Remote Nunchuck]]
*[[Oswald's Remote Nunchuck]]
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Disney Consumer Products and PDP did a collaboration about up and coming Disney Interactive video-games, starting with the Blot Charger.

For Epic Mickey, a Wii-Mote charger in likeness of the Blot facing down Mickey Mouse was released. The RRP was $39.99.

The Mickey Mouse miniature is also removable. Strangely, the Mickey on the charger is how he appears today with his peach face, unlike the classic version of Mickey that appears in the game. When the Wii Remote is charging, the Blot's eyes and mouth will be red. when the wii remote is fully charged, the blot's eyes and mouth will be green.

Publisher's DescriptionEdit

Charge your Wii Remote Controller and illuminate the night with the Epic Mickey Wii Remote Controller Charger. This iconic collectible features our mischievous hero, Mickey Mouse, and his nemesis, the Evil Blot.


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