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Bloticles in Mean Street.

Bloticles are semi-enemies that appear towards the end of Epic Mickey. They are blackish-greenish tentacles of the Shadow Blot (however in the cut-scenes they are colored dark purple.) Bloticles have the ability to drain Paint from Toon and returning this paint to the Blot.


The purpose of the Bloticles is to drain all the Paint in the Cartoon Wasteland. They are also used as defense for the Blot, as he uses them to destroy the Moonliner Rocket when Mickey, Oswald, and Gus try to attack him with it. Another role of the Bloticles can be seen inside the body of the Shadow Blot where they guard Mickey's heart.


Bloticles first appear in OsTown after Mickey has defeated or redeemed the fake Shadow Blot. They have light-green pustules on their body, which the player has to eliminate using either Paint or Thinner. Once the pustules are hit, they explode; the Bloticles are easy to defeat as they are merely stationary targets. Bloticles are usually guarded by various Blotlings. Like Beetleworx, they cannot be befriended, along with the real Shadow Blot. When Mickey destroys all the Bloticles in an area in the Wasteland, all the Blotlings there will vanish, and the habitants will return. The Paint will only return when Mickey leaves and return to that place, but there will be no music.

Inside the Blot, Bloticles appear and are wrapped around Mickey's heart. Mickey has to follow the Bloticles, burst the pustules, and reclaim his heart. However, Bloticles are guarded by Blotlings that spawn endlessly in the main Heart Chamber, and by Lost Characters in dead ends.

Once Mickey has dealt with all of them, Mickey's heart is released and the game ends.


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