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A Spatter, one of the more common blotlings.

The Blotlings are the main enemy type of Epic Mickey, and the essential backbone of the The Blot's army. Like the Blot, they are creations of Paint and Thinner, and are vulnerable to the two substances.


Blotlings come in several different varieties. Although most Blotlings are directly spawned by the Blot, others are former inhabitants of the Cartoon Wasteland, corrupted by its influence. They can be found everywhere in the Wasteland except for Mean Street, OsTown, Ventureland, and Bog Easy due to the protection of Oswald. Blotlings will only show aggression towards Toons, however if redeemed by the brush they will instead target any unredeemed Blotlings and Beetleworx.


Mickey Mouse has the choice of either destroying a Blotling with Thinner or turning it into an ally using Paint. Mickey can also use Bunny Children to devour Spatters for him. Most Blotlings can be stunned using the spin move, which can be used to throw them into any nearby thinner pool or off an edge.

Epic Mickey

Epic Mickey is the first appearance of the Blotlings and their leader, the Blot.

Prior to Mickey's arrival to Wasteland, they were scattered across Wasteland after the arrival of the Thinner Disaster and The Blot and caused havoc to the Toons. Even with the Blot imprisoned in the Jug by Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Ortensia, several Blotlings still remained a problem to Wasteland with some Blotlings even being formed by droplets seeping through the Jug's cork.

In the time period that Mickey gets taken into Wasteland by the Shadow Blot, Blotings would reside in all areas of Wasteland except for Mean Street, Ostown, Ventureland, and Bog Easy due to the protection of Oswald.

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, the Blotlings have made residence in Blot Alley, Fort Wasteland, and Ventureland. Ghost Ian becomes their caretaker and attempts to teach them to be nice, however they still remain hostile to Mickey and Oswald for destroying the Blot.

New varieties of Blotlings are introduced in the forms of Dropwings and the Blotworx. The Blotworx are large Beetleworx-like mechs piloted by one-eyed Spatters created by the Mad Doctor to be part of his army. However, due to their unpredictable nature, they had to be casted away and left wondering across Wasteland aimlessly.

Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion

Some remaining Spatters invade the Castle of Illusion. They are now uncommon enemies on the game and one of most powerful.

Types of Blotlings



Seers are the first and simplest type of Blotling found in Epic Mickey. They behave as watchdogs and will summon other Blotlings if they see Mickey. Their only means of attack is to roll into a ball and attempt to ram Mickey in a straight line. They can easily be countered by spin attacking, or by simply spraying paint or thinner to either redeem or destroy them.



Spatters are the most common and recognizable Blotling variation. Spatters that see Mickey will run up to him and attempt to knock him back with their heads. Like Seers, they can easily be defeated by being painted or thinned, or by being knocked into an endless pit or thinner pool. A one-eyed variety of Spatters can be found piloting Blotworx in Epic Mickey 2: Power of Two.



Sweepers are Broom-like Blotlings with ranged attacks. Their means of attack is by sloshing thinner at Mickey from a distance, and attempting to sweep him when too close. They take much more paint and thinner than Seers and Spatters, but can still be easily made vulnerable by a spin attack.



Spladooshes are immobile Blotlings variations typically found asleep. If Mickey gets to close or sprays it with either paint or thinner, it will awaken and begin to explode thinner. Mickey can either stop the Blotling from exploding by spraying paint, or speed up the process by spraying thinner.



Slobbers are extremely powerful Blotlings. They are typically fought in large areas like Great Big Tomorrow or the Lonesome Manor Library in Epic Mickey, or Fort Wasteland in Epic Mickey 2: Power of Two. Slobbers have a much wider strategy of attack than other Blotling enemies. They can spit large puddles of thinner and inhale to either direct Mickey into the thinner or to slam him with their large fists. Their other strategy is to simply walk up to Mickey in order to hit him with its fists if close enough. They can be redeemed or defeated by having paint or thinner sprayed into their mouth while inhaling.

Shadow Blot

The Shadow Blot

The Shadow Blot is the largest and most notable Blotling, often mistake for the real Blot. The Shadow Blot is first seen at the beginning of the game, having brought Mickey into Wasteland and to the Mad Doctor to extract his heart. It is seen much later into the game atop Mickeyjunk Mountain, where it is properly fought. It has a large array of attacks from simply punching Mickey if close, tossing thinner globs, creating Spatters, and dropping globs of thinner over the area before dropping down and attempting to inhale Mickey. The Shadow Blot must inhale paint or thinner sprayed by Mickey three times in order to be redeemed or defeated. It is unclear whether redeeming or destroying the Shadow Blot is the canon choice, as it is completely absent in Epic Mickey 2: Power of Two.



Blotlicles are large tentacle-like Blotlings found late in Epic Mickey. Their main purpose is to suck out all the paint out of Wasteland and building up the Blot's strength. The Bloticles only weakness are the large green buldges found all over itself. Either painting or thinning all these buldges will destroy the Bloticle and all other Blotling enemies if no more Bloticles remain in an area. Smaller, indestructible Blotlicles can be found as obstacles when returning to Dark Beauty Castle.

Lost Characters

Lost Character

Lost Characters are Toons that were consumed by the Blot and turned into Blotlings. When they see Mickey, they will charge towards him to damage him. They are resistant to paint and thinner, but can briefly be stunned by a spin attack. Destroying the Bloticle found within their chamber will cause them to melt into thinner.



Dropwings are flying Blotlings unused in the first game[1] but properly introduced in Epic Mickey 2: Power of Two. They can be found lazily blowing large thinner bubbles that explode on contact. If they see Mickey or Oswald, they will either shoot a quick line of thinner bubbles or will attempt to grab them with their single arm. Redeeming a Dropwing will cause it to instead blow paint bubbles while thinning it causes it to explode of thinner.


  • Apparently, the remaining Blotlings in the end of Epic Mickey were not affected by raining Paint at the end of the game and wandered Wasteland until they found homes in Blot Alley and Disney Gulch.
  • If the player chooses to befriend the Blotlings during the battle in Mean Street, an NPC will remark that he encountered a befriended Spatter that walked up to him then walked away.
  • If you defeat a Blotling with Thinner, it will melt into the ground. The way they melt, if reversed, may look like the way Spatters had spawned in earlier concept art by appearing as a bubbling dark pile then jumping out of the ground.
  • Although a painted Blotling never directs its attacks toward Mickey, it is possible for Mickey to be hurt by the attacks if he gets in a painted Blotling's way while it's attacking another.
  • Blotlings with red eyes are much more dangerous than green-eyed Blotlings. They first appear after you come back from the Jungle and return to Tortooga (if you didn't get Starkey to leave the Jungle: by not defeating all the Beetleworx and Spladooshes). All Red-eyed Blotlings are also in the final levels (including, "Inside the Blot").
  • Apart from the Dropwing and Bloticle, the Blotlings' names all start with "S"