The Bunny Children are neutral characters in Epic Mickey. They resemble young, blue versions of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and are his and Ortensia's offspring.


The Bunny Children first appeared in Oswald's first cartoon "Poor Papa". The Bunny Children are the numerous offspring of Oswald. They roam throughout the Cartoon Wasteland, having nowhere else to go after Oswald was defeated by the Shadow Blot in the Blot Wars. They have a massive appetite for Blotlings, and, despite Oswald's distaste, are very fond of their uncle, Mickey Mouse (perhaps a little too fond: see below). Some are found inside Ortensia's house, looking sad and missing her in the first game since she is in an inert state throughout the entirety of the game's events.

In Epic Mickey

If as many as five Bunny Children crowd Mickey, they will grab Mickey and throw him into a nearby Thinner river if the Spin Move isn't performed quickly enough. However, this can only be performed by them on Mickeyjunk Mountain and not Mean Street since the former actually has Thinner pools while the latter does not. If Mickey is carried around by them on Mean Street, they will instead try to throw him off a cliff (near the projectors).


Bunny Children

They can be distracted by the paintable TVs on Mickeyjunk Mountain, and, when distracted, will watch a clip from 'Steamboat Willie'. A TV Sketch will also do the trick. Either method of distraction can be ended by thinning the TVs.

Big Bad Pete also gives Mickey Bunny Roundup quests where he wants Mickey's help in rounding all of the Bunny Children up and sending them to Jail, despite being Oswald's children. Although Oswald regards Pete as a bully and won't be happy with Mickey for completing the quests, he isn't too worried about this however, since he knows his children can and will escape. If you re-enter the Jail, you'll always hear the sound of them coming out of the pipes that sucked them into their cells. Due to this, it's implied that they can escape and merely return to their cells when Mickey comes in.

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Warren Spector confirmed that the Bunny Children would appear in Epic Mickey's sequel. When asked, Spector replied, "Of course! You don't think we'd create characters that are cute and appealing and monstrous and not bring them back, do you?"

They are first mentioned by Ortensia in the museum while the projectors aren't working. She tells Oswald and Mickey that she worries about her Bunny Children in Ostown. Ortensia will eventually travel to Ostown and find the Bunny Children missing as the quakes have scattered them all over Wasteland, resulting in her giving Oswald and Mickey a quest to return the Bunny Children to her. Meanwhile Paulie of the Ice Cream Parlor wants them too, so he can sell them Ice Cream, resulting in a choice for the player. The Bunny Children to be rescued are in Mean Street South, Disney Gulch, Blot Alley, the Train Tunnels, Fort Wasteland and the Floatyard.

Mickey and Oswald must lure them to pipes that will suck them either to Ortensia's house or Paulie's ice cream parlor. Interestingly, when all of them are brought to Ortensia, she gives Mickey a pin commemorating the 101st child, stating, "She's such a scamp!" This means that, despite them all being called Oswald Junior, at least one of the bunny kids is a girl.

One of the kids also makes a cameo in a cutscene with the Mad Doctor.

Epic Mickey: Path Painter


A Bunny Child in Path Painter.

Bunny Children also make an appearance in Epic Mickey: Path Painter, where they slow Mickey down when he passes through them. They appear in several levels, often spread out.

They are a minor nuisance, but just like in the other games, they do not actually harm Mickey in any way.

Epic Mickey: Tales of Wasteland

The Bunny Children also appear in the Epic Mickey: Tales of Wasteland (digi)comics. These comics are a prequel to Epic Mickey and take place before the Thinner Disaster. The Bunny Children make a cameo in "Clock Tower Cleaners", and "Oswald the Lucky Duck", but have bigger roles in "The Game's Afoot", "One
420 Bunny Children in the Tales of Wasteland Comics

All 420 Bunny Children.

Scary Night" and "There's a Hole in the Sky". They play a larger role in the comics than in Epic Mickey.

They are quite the troublemakers, but most will gladly help Oswald and Ortensia when asked. They are all called "Oswald Junior" plus their number (for example, "Oswald Junior the 42nd") and there are 420 Bunny Children in total. The Bunny Children can also talk in the comics, unlike in Epic Mickey where Mickey can't talk to them at all.

Unlike most other characters in the "Tales of Wasteland" comics, they don't have their own character profile. However, they are mentioned in Oswald and Ortensia's character profile. Oswald's profile mentions that the children want to play with Oswald but usually can't because he can't put Mickey Mouse and the outside world into his rearview mirror. Ortensia's profile has Ortensia wishing that Oswald would spent more time with her and their children. This seems to confirm that Ortensia is their mother (at least in Epic Mickey and the comics), as well as Oswald not spending enough time with the Bunny Children.


  • Poor Papa
  • Trolley Troubles
  • Oh Teacher (Cameo)



  • Their debut short, "Poor Papa", was believed to be lost until Disney discovered it in the vaults. Unfortunately, it could not be included in the Epic Mickey game because they didn't have time to scan it in.
  • In Mickeyjunk Mountain, it is possible to destroy Bunny Children if you knock them into the thinner.
  • As the Concept Art shows, Bunny Chlidren were supposed to appear in different colors, but in the final version they were only light blue.
  • In their regular state they are shown to have one tooth, but when they see a Spatter they are shown to have all of their teeth.
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