The Camera Shop is a store in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. It is located in Mean Street North, and is run by Jack Kelly and Adelle.


Film roll

When you first enter the store and speak to Adelle she will present you with a Camera used for finding Hidden Mickeys and Hidden Oswalds scattered around Wasteland. Some Quests and Challenges will also require you to use the camera. In addition to this, you may take general shots anywhere, though there is a limit on how many you may take before you must return to get new film. You can then place your photos you have taken in the photobook inside the shop.


  • As you progress through the game, the large Oswald head falls off from the side and the Camera Shop is blocked due to this. A commonly asked question is how to remove the blockage, which is in fact a simple answer - Get some Fireworks and Oswald himself will gladly blow it up for you. However, once this has fallen, you can no longer get the Hidden Oswald from it.
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