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The Castle of Illusion is the main location of Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion and the 1990 game Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse.


Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse

The witch known as Mizrabel kidnapped Minnie in order to steal her youth, Mickey went in pursuit of her in order to save Minnie. By collecting seven gems, Mickey manages to find and defeat Mizrabel, and save Minnie.

Between Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse and Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion

The Castle itself was once in the Toon World but due to being forgotten, it was sent into the Wasteland. Mizrabel was not happy about this and began to scheme a way out of the Wasteland, where she first kidnaps several characters from the Toon World, (such as Aladdin, Tinker Bell, Simba, etc.) by stealing the Hearts from said kidnapped characters to imprison them in Wasteland.

Mizrabel also changes the looks of the inside of the Castle through unknown means.

Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion

The Castle serves as the main location for the game. Mickey's goal in the game is to save all the kidnapped characters, find Minnie and stop Mizrabel from her wicked plan to escape.

Mickey travels through illusion versions of Jolly Roger, Neverland Jungle, London Skies, Atlantica and Agrabah, all while finding the kidnapped Disney characters, ultimately stopping Mizrabel.

Using the Toon's Heart power, all the normal Toons are sent back home, though the castle begins to fall apart, but Mickey manages to get home, after saying goodbye to Oswald. When Mickey returns home, he plans to tell Minnie about what happened, thinking she doesn't remember what occurred. Minnie, however, was still at home after Mickey had left for the adventure, leaving him shocked at the idea that Minnie herself had been nothing more than an illusion in the Castle.


  • If you look closely outside of the window of the Castle you can see Dark Beauty Castle and Lonesome Manor, indicating that the Castle of Illusions is somewhere near these two areas.
    • Ironically, both Dark Beauty Castle and Lonesome Manor are also castles.
    • If you were to look on the map of Wasteland that was released shortly before the Power of Two and Power of Illusion was released, you would see that the Castle of Illusion is supposedly on the far left-central side of the map, next to Dark Beauty Castle and Lonesome Manor.