Clock Cleaners is one of the Projector Screen Levels. Mickey must cross in order to go between a hub world and a mission world. This level is based on the classic Disney cartoon Clock Cleaners, which debuted in 1937.

The Clock Cleaners Image On The projector screen


This level features a large amount gears in order to pay homage to the old cartoon, and has several switches, which can lead to more tickets. In Epic Mickey, Mickey uses it to travel to either the Gremlin Village Tower or directly to the European Boat Ride.


Clock Cleaners

Jump up the rotating and shifting platforms until Mickey gets to a gear winding its way up and down a post. Let him ride it to the top and make Mickey hit the switch there to open the obstructing gate and launch a nesting bird sky-high.

After hitting the switch to drop the gate and launch the bird, Mickey should drop down through the gap left by the bird to grab the "Clock Cleaners: Part I" Film Reel.

He then needs to jump back across the moving platforms and ride the gear up where the bird originally sat, then head up across the platforms that periodically drop down. Then he needs to ride the platform attached to a gear over to the left and leap onto the clock's pendulum, hopping off at the projector screen exit.

Clock Cleaners: PART 2

There is an alternative Travel World (it is still the Clock Cleaners) in the Gremlin Village. It is behind the Windmill, Mickey will have to jump on the platform attached to the windmill. Free Gremlin Ditto and he will open the alternative screen way. This will lead directly to the European Boat Ride, instead of having to fix the Village Tower (although Mickey can still fix it before jumping in).

The gameplay is somewhat more complex than the first one. Mickey should Immediately jump up onto the platform rotating on the gear and ride it up and to the right, then hop over the metal plate that periodically drops.

He should then jump on the left-most platform and wait for the opposite side to raise up, then jump across quickly to the next platform where he will find the "Clock Cleaners: Part II" Film Reel.

Mickey can then fall down through the dropping platform and ride the belt-driven platform over to the right. He should ride the gear up and jump over one more rotating platform, then jump on top of the bell-ringing animatronic figure and leap up to the exit.



  • This was the first Projector Level to be revealed.



Mickey Mouse Clock Cleaners

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