If Mickey takes the friendly route through Blot Alley, on the second visit Ian asks Mickey to help make clothes for all the friendly Blotlings. He needs Mickey to go to the Mad Hatter Shop on Mean Street and have the Haberdasher make the clothes. Clarabelle in Ostown also would like Mickey to make some flower costumes to repopulate her garden. Mickey can collect cloth all over Wasteland, which can then be spent on making the costumes. Note that Clarabelle's side of the quest can only be done if Mickey helped her with her flower Spatter part of the Horace's Assistant Assistance quest.

Ian's path

Mickey can help Ian by going to the Mad Hatter shop and spending cloth to make four costumes for his Blotlings

Clarabelle's path

Clarabelle would like Mickey to instead use his cloth to make Flower Costumes at the Mad Hatter. Each Flower Costume Mickey returns to her gets him a discount coupon at one of the shops in Wasteland.

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