Club 13 
is a building in Blot Alley where Mickey and Oswald find Petetronic to ask about there whereabouts of Gremlin Prescott. Once there, Petetronic tells the duo that Prescott had projects in the Floatyard. He offers to power up the generator around the back in order to unlock the Projector to the Train Tunnels. However, he needs Scrap Metal, and will take all of it from the players inventory. Blotworx attack, Mickey and Oswald can either choose to help Petetronic by befriending/thinning them, or leave him to deal with the mess. The choice will effect the ending to the game. If the player chooses to help, Petetronic will reward the player by returning all of the scrap metal given to them. He will also give you a Silver Pin if you helped fight off the Blotworx.
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