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A lever-activated puzzle

Co-op Moves are abilities that can be performed by Mickey and Oswald together to pass certain obstacles in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.

Co-op Moves

  1. Player Toss: Press the co-op button to throw the other player in the air. It is useful to reach a high ledge that neither Mickey nor Oswald could traverse.
  2. Partner Caller: When playing alone, Mickey can press the Co-op Button to have Oswald come over to his current location.
  3. Helicopter Glide: Mickey can grab onto Oswald's feet when gliding, thus allowing Oswald to fly over a large gap without leaving Mickey behind.
  4. Rotating Turnstile: Mickey and Oswald can rotate turnstiles together to make the platform move.
  5. Crossing the Streams: When Mickey's Paint/Thinner stream come in contact with Oswald's Electricity, it will cause a blue spark to flare, causing the Paint/Thinner and Electricity mixture to form into an energy beam. The beam's direction depends on the angle from which the streams are converged. Ceasing fire of either streams will end the attack. This move is especially effective against many (if not all) enemies.
  6. Oswald's Luck: Mickey's Remote/Controller will rumble when Oswald is wearing the Gremlin Costume (if Oswald is controlled by another player, his Remote/Controller will rumble instead). This ability is used to find hidden treasure chests.
  7. Lever-Activated Puzzles: While Mickey pulls certain levers to reveal switches, Oswald can activate them, or vice-versa.
  8. Co-op Revive: If either Mickey or Oswald run out of health, they will become a puddle. The other player can revive them by either shooting Paint or Electricity, depending on which character they are using. If revived successfully, the revived player will have 3 bars of health.