Collect Film Reels is a quest given by the Usher in Mean Street.

There are 36 film reels in the game. To get all the film reels, Mickey must complete Adventure Mode by going through each of the Projector Screens. The quest will be completed when all the 36 reels are collected.


  • A minimum of three playthroughs is required to both collect all 36 film reels along with turning them in to the Usher. This is due to the fact that there are two instances within the game, both before visiting Mean Street for the first time and after leaving Mean Street for the last time, respectively, in which Mickey can only choose one out of two Projector Screens within the area in order to progress the story (Clock Cleaners Part 2 or Steamboat Willie Part 2 in World of Gremlins and Fantasia Part 1 or Part 2 in the Throne Room).
  • This quest is the only optional quest in Epic Mickey that does not expire when Mickey returns to Mickeyjunk Mountain to fight the the Blot or when he leaves for the Battle in Tomorrow City.
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