Oswald in his knight costume

Costumes are items that appear in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two which can change Oswald's and Mickey's abilities. Mickey and Oswald can change into the Costumes at the Haberdasher Shop (Hat Shop). They can be purchased at the Hat Shop or found in Treasure Chests.

There are separate costumes for both Mickey and Oswald. Each costume is in 3 pieces and all 3 must be obtained before they can be worn. In Epic Mickey 2 there are 10 costumes (11 costumes in the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U versions, PlayStation Vita, and PC versions) in total, meaning both Oswald and Mickey each have 5 costumes (6 costumes for Mickey in the non-Wii versions).

There is also an optional side quest to get costumes for the blotlings in Blot Alley. These costumes aren't wearable by Mickey or Oswald; they are just a quest item for blotlings in Blot Alley.

Oswald's Costumes:

Image Name Origin Description
Oswaldknight tex niftex 0
Knight Game Original, but based on the Oswald cartoon, Oh, What A Knight
  • Oh, what an outfit! Provides a bit of protection. But not from Thinner.
    • Appearance: A shining suit of armor
    • Effects: Reduces or nullifies damage taken, but not from thinner-based attacks/hazards
Oswalddoc tex niftex 0
Mad Doctor Game Original, but based on 'The Mad Doctor'
  • With friends like this... Makes reprogramming easier. It's SCIENCE!
    • Appearance: Labcoat, similar to the mad doctors, as well as a fake mustache.
    • Effects: Makes Reprogramming easier
Oswaldgremlin tex niftex 0
Gremlin Game Original, but based on a generic blue Gremlin's outfit.
  • Become an honorary gremlin! Lets Oswald sense where special chests are. He's the Lucky Rabbit after all.
    • Appearance: He wears a blue gremlin outfit.
    • Effects: "Luck" (Helps find hidden chests)
Oswaldtron tex niftex 0
TRON Game Original, but based on the movie and game 'TRON'
  • The latest fashion straight from The Grid. Oswald's Boomarmerang can hit things farther away. By the Users!
    • Appearance: Wears a Tron Suit and Helmet
    • Effects: Boomerang Arm can be thrown farther
Oswaldtrack tex niftex 0
Track Suit Game Original
  • Quick like a bunny! Lets Oswald knock aside enemies by running into them. Coming through!
    • Appearance: Striped Track Suit
    • Effects: Oswald can charge at enemies and knock them over

Mickey's Costumes:

Image Name Origin Description
Mickeyfantasia tex niftex 0
Sorcerer's Apprentice (PS3, 360, and Wii U versions only) From The Sorcerer's Apprentice segment from Fantasia and Fantasia 2000
  • Simply magical! Store more Paint and Thinner in the Magic Brush. Just don't get carried away.
    • Appearance: Mickey wears his famous red robes, and yellow shoes, as well as Yen Sid's hat. His face is reverted to his modern appearance.
    • Effects: Increases Paint and Thinner capacity to the fullest extent (6 units).
Mickeyfirefighter tex niftex 0
Firefighter Based on Mickey's cartoon, Mickey's Fire Brigade
  • Wow, this costume is red hot! Paint and Thinner can hit things farther away. Who needs ladders anyway?
    • Appearance: Mickey with a Fireman Hat.
    • Effects: Extends the range of how far Mickey can spray Paint or Thinner.
Brave Little Tailor Based on Mickey's cartoon of the same name
  • Not for use against giants! Salvaged Scrap Metal turns into Cloth. Don't ask how, it just works.
    • Appearance: Mickey with a tailor's tunic, the tailor's shoes, and a tailor's hat (yellow instead of green).
    • Effects: Collected Scrap Metal from breakable resources will turn into cloth; the Haberdasher will pay Mickey a stack of 10 E-Tickets rather than 5 while wearing the costume.
Mickeysteamboat tex niftex 0
Steamboat Willie Based on Mickey's cartoon of the same name
  • It doesn't get more vintage than this! Unlocks a Gold Pin to find in every Cartoon. Collect them all!
    • Appearance: Mickey in his old black-and-white colors. His eyes are changed to the "pie eyes" style of cartoon eyes. He does not wear his usual gloves.
    • Effects: Makes a gold pin appear in each film-reel level.
Mickeyfootball tex niftex 0
Football Based on Mickey's cartoon, Touchdown Mickey
  • What a score! Provides a bit of protection. But not from Thinner.
    • Appearance: Mickey donning football gear and a jersey.
    • Effects: Reduces or nullifies damage taken, but not from thinner-based attacks/hazards
Mickeyconstruction tex niftex 0
Construction Worker Based on Building a Building, but in color
  • Rebuilding Wasteland should be no problem now. Salvaged Scrap Metal turns into...well, even more Scrap Metal.
    • Appearance: Yellow Gloves and Blue Construction Worker Hat.
    • Effects: Increases the amount of Scrap Metal earned from resources.

Blotling Costumes:

These can not be equipped but can be obtained for a quest. They are the outfits from the different areas in the first game.

Pete Costumes

In The Mad Doctor's Attic, when Mickey thins out the walls on corners, various unknown costumes appear and look as if they could fit Big Bad Pete, or a large sized-character. The costumes are actually Pete's old outfits from various cartoons.


  • It is ill-advised to wear the Brave Little Tailor Costume while working on Scrap Metal-related task such as fixing broken buildings, as the costume converts salvaged metal into cloth.
  • The Wizard Hat (part of the Sorcerer's Apprentice costume) is the first costume piece obtained.
  • Mickey's ears are realigned while wearing Brave Little Tailor, Construction, and Sorcerer costume. For the Football and Firefighter costume, the ears clip through the headgear.
    • Interestingly, regarding Mickey's ears, when he wears a costume other than his original outfit, his ears become "rigid" and don't appear to "move around" his head to remain in view when he is viewed from different angles.
  • All of Mickey's costumes are based on his original cartoons while Oswald's are based on other Disney series and one of his own cartoons (Oh What a Knight).
  • The costumes are helpful depending on which one you're wearing like for example, if you need lots of scrap metal, the construction outfit is the right match.
  • If a costume piece was purchased before finding it in a chest, some pins will be earned instead.
  • The Sorcerer's Apprentice Costume is unavailable on the Wii version of the game. Instead, there is a special feature after the game has been beaten.


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