The Crane is a steam shovel with a mean expression on the front and only appeared in Building a Building (1930). The Crane was eventually forgotten and was sent to Wasteland and somehow put to use on Mickeyjunk Mountain

In Epic Mickey

In Epic Mickey, The Crane appears at Mickeyjunk Mountain controlled by Decker to sort out the junk. Decker explains that the crane is broken and to power it, Mickey either needs to paint in the TVs or find Gremlin Kip to repair the Crane. 

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

It reappears in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two in Ventureland, as the Crane in the Construction Site.In this case, the Crane has a shocking pannel for Oswald shock and open a door that has three gears to Mickey paint in and restore the power for it. Also can be blowed up by fireworks. Either these ways will open the Projector Screen to Autotopia. It appears in Buliding a Buliding Part 1 too.


  • Despite looking 'evil' it has a soft side depending whom is operateing it.
  • In the cartoon it lifts it's own roof to resemble tiping a hat while in the game EM2 it uses it as a paltform.
  • There are two Quests related to It:

Power the Crane (Epic Mickey) Too much Ado about Blotlings (Epic Mickey 2)

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