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Creative Threedom is a quest in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. The quest is to find the Three Little Pigs, and reunite them so they can make music again.

The Three Little Pigs have built a recording studio and need to pay off the debt from building it. Fifer pig at the Cinema in Mean Street North has a deal in place, but he needs Mickey to find his brothers so they can sign off on before the deal. If Mickey finds either of the lost brothers before talking to Fifer Pig, they start the quest instead.

Choice 1

Pay off the whole debt singlehandedly for 5,000 E-tickets

  • Reward: All Ears pin and a cut of the recording sales each time Mickey returns to their studio.

Choice 2

Go to the Usher in the Mean Street Cinema and ask him to pay off the debt in exchange for the pigs making music for his movies.

  • Reward: 3 bronze pins and 50 E-tickets

Choice 3

Help the pigs put out a record to raise the money.

Step A

Find the replacement fiddle for Fiddler Pig from Tiki Sam's shop in Ventureland or the bottom of the sinkhole in Ostown.

Step B

Paint the phone boxes in the towns around Wasteland. There are three each in Ostown, Mean Street North, Mean Street South, Bog Easy, and Ventureland.


  • On the side wall of Mickey's House
  • On the Gag Factory wall near the projector entrance
  • Near the DEC entrance

Mean Street South:

  • On the wall next to the Observatory elevator
  • On the right wall of the flower garden area
  • On the outer wall next to the large hat over the Mad Hatter shop

Mean Street North:

  • On the wall just to the left of the tunnel lower area
  • On the wall on the roof of the Cinema
  • On the northern wall of the Cinema, opposite the windmill entrance

Bog Easy:

  • On a wall in Shanty Town
  • Near the forge in the Docks
  • On the rooftop in Old Town


  • On the right wall of Tiki Sam's shop
  • On the left wall of the DNN building
  • On the wall of the pigs' recording studio

Step C

Bring back the missing pigs a second time. Fiddler is in Ostown, and Fifer is in Disney Gulch

  • Reward: All Ears pin
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