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Dahl Engineering Corridors or simply the D.E.C., are alternate passageways that are underground in Wasteland. They are built by the Gremlins using old Disney memorabilia when the Projector Screens went down. Usually they are located next to a Projector Screen. If you do something wrong in that area the D.E.C. will open instead of the Projector. You can get the Trophy/Achievement Tunnel Mouse for going through every D.E.C. 


  • The tunnels are named after Roald Dahl, who is the creator of the Gremlins.
  • The corridors may have been inspired by the Utilidors that run underneath the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.
  • It replaces Mickeyjunk Mountain (due to it being built out of old Disney media, and that Mickeyjunk Mountain is deemed too dangerous since the quakes hit).


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