Decker is a playing card that's good with machines and opens the Mickey Mouse Lunch Box that locks down Oswald's sanctuary. He tells you to restore the T.V.s to repair the crane and says that the Bunny Children are not your enemies. Instead of painting the T.V.s you can also free a gremlin who will repair the crane, either way the gate opens and neither are bad choices. He also seems to take care of the bunny children when Oswald isn't around. Also, he is one of the only two playing cards (the other one being the Jack of Spades) that likes you from the start.


  • "Those bunny children eat spatters, so our enemy's enemy is our friend?"
  • "Paint those T.Vs and I can get the crane working."
  • "And now that I think about it, I think that Phone did something too."(This could refer to two things, the temporary stop, and the restoration of the phone line to OsTown wanted by the telephone.)
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