Defeat the Slobber is a Quest Mickey obtains when he enters the Great Big Tomorrow exhibit in Tomorrow City. It is the first Slobber encountered in the game.

Like other blotlings, Mickey must spray Paint or Thinner at the Slobber to either defeat or redeem it. They're easier to fight from a distance, since spin moves aren't very effective against Slobbers. When it tries to inhale Mickey, he must spray Paint or Thinner into his mouth. Also, he must avoid the Thinner shot at him. He must keep using Paint or Thinner while he's inhaling until he's defeated or redeemed. The quest is completed once Mickey has dealt with the Slobber. The way he chose to deal with the Slobber changes the contents of the treasure chest given by Mister Rover.

If Mickey befriended the foe, the chest contains Goofy's Torso. If he killed him, the chest contains a Gold Pin.

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