Note: The Digicomics app is no longer available on the App Store, so this page may not be expanded upon in the future.

Disney Epic Mickey Digicomics app (or simply Epic Mickey app) is a teaser app for iOS that contains the digicomics Tales of Wasteland and the Epic Mickey graphic novel, the preview videos for the Epic Mickey game, the characters profile section, and the map of Wasteland.


The map is simply the map used for the pre-Thinner Disaster version of Wasteland seen in the Japanese website.



  • Disney Epic Mickey: The Graphic Novel
  • Disney Epic Mickey: Tales of Wasteland


This teaser trailer is the official E3 trailer, which showed the making of the Ears logo, and it's narrated by Yen Sid.


Disney Epic Mickey - Trailer E3 2010 - Wii


  • The app is no longer on the App Store, likely due to Disney shutting down Junction Point. Since being removed, the app will sometimes crash at random and when trying to exit a comic.
  • The song that plays while using the app is an early theme of Epic Mickey.



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