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Donald's Date is a side quest in Bog Easy in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. This quest is available from Episode 2: A Small Mystery, after Mickey's first visit to Bog Easy. Mickey must go to Blot Alley and return to start this quest. To complete the quest, Mickey and Oswald need to repair Animatronic Donald's boat in order to let him reach Animatronic Daisy for his date in Ventureland.

Animatronic Donald is late for a date with Animatronic Daisy as his boat is broken. Donald needs Mickey to ask Gremlin Sparks to fix his boat. On the second visit to Bog Easy, Sparks can help to repair the boat, but he needs some help of his own first.

Part 1

Before Sparks can fix Donald's boat, his forge must be repaired. Go to Sparks' forge at the Docks in Bog Easy. Oswald can activate Louis' generator to temporarily power the hatch and get Mickey on the forge roof.

Choice 1: Neutral

Pay 50 scrap metal pieces to Sparks and have him repair his forge.

Choice 2: Paint/Good

Fix the broken hatch on the roof with Paint or Thinner.

  • Reward: Jumpstart pin
  • This pin can be used for the Spirit of Innovation.

Part 2

Once the forge is repaired, Sparks needs Mickey to get a gear from Ghost Gilbert at the graveyard in Old Town. The choice in this quest will influence the game ending.

Choice 1: Thinner/Bad


Gilbert offers a fake gear to give to Sparks instead of the real one. If the player does it, the bad ending of this quest is triggered.

  • Reward: Gotcha! pin and Scrap Metal, more concept art for sale at Le Bat En Rouge (However, Donald's repaired boat is nothing special and he's late for his date, so Daisy will be upset).


Mickey can also give the real gear to Gilbert for 1,000 E-Tickets. The only choice will be to give the fake gear to Sparks.

Choice 2: Paint/Good

Solve the statue puzzle in the graveyard to get the real gear. The statues need to be rearranged on the gravestones. When Gilbert offers to buy it from Mickey for E-tickets and gives him the fake gear, deny the offer and give the real gear to Sparks.

  • The sequence for the puzzle is: Man with beard, Top Hat, woman and the bald man.
  • If the order is correct, the statues will fix themselves to the correct position, while Gilbert makes discouraging comments and will try to stop the player from going further.
  • If the order is wrong, the tombstone will say, "Access is denied to those who cannot unravel the mysteries of the grave." If this occurs, rearrange the statues in the correct order.

The door with the real gear will open and Mickey needs to collect it. When Gilbert offers 1,000 E-Tickets for the real gear, deny it and give the real gear to Sparks. After that, Sparks will fix Donald's boat and make it into a submarine. Mickey can then send Donald to Ventureland and complete the quest. This will trigger the paint, or good, ending of this quest.


  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Thinner pin. It is given by Daisy in Ventureland after the quest is completed.


  • The fake gear can be sold for 1,000 E-Tickets at the Museum, making it one of the highest-selling items in the game.
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