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The Dropwing in Epic Mickey 2

Dropwings are a type of Blotling that first appear in the sequel, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two and were scrapped from Epic Mickey.

In Epic Mickey

Scrapped-iconNotice: This article or section contains information about content that was planned or conceptualized for the Epic Mickey series, but was ultimately scrapped. Information about scrapped content should not be considered canon.
Dropwings were originally planned to be included in the first game, but were removed due to difficulties with the camera and aiming with the brush. It was determined that they weren't fun enough, so they were replaced with ranged enemies like the Sweepers that offer a similar challenge to the player. They had a bat-like appearance and attacked by swooping down at Mickey from above. [1]

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

The Dropwing was found wandering the gulch after his creator, the Blot, exploded. Dropwings can swoop down and grab you. The main way to escape the Dropwing is by shaking your Wii remote, and he will eventually let you go. On the PS3, you rapidly press the square button, and on the Xbox 360, you can rapidly press the X button to get away from them.

While the Dropwing can pick you up, he can also spew several volleys of thinner bubbles at you. When idle and not bothered, the Dropwing will belch a large bubble of thinner which you can turn into a paint bubble with your paint. When turned friendly, the Dropwing with belch paint bubbles that will slow you down for a brief second. Additionally, the paint bubbles will paint in thinned out objects if the bubbles pop after sitting on the ground for long enough in an opposite manner of the Dropwing's thinner bubbles.


  • Dropwings could be deformed Blotlings due to their appearance and wings. This may be because of the ink explosion by the Blot in the first game. 
  • Dropwings are first met in the Underground of Mean Street.  
  • Epic Mickey's debug files contain leftover lines referring to the Dropwings.
    • In an Italian magazine from before release, it is revealed that their scrapped appearance in the first game was to have a design that differs greatly from the sequel's design.


Epic Mickey

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two


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