Epic Mickey: Path Painter is an online Flash game made by Disney Interactive based on the original Epic Mickey game. It features Mickey Mouse and Gremlin Gus as the former tries to escape Wasteland. The graphics are pre-rendered 2D sprites and plays on an isometric field. It retains the key element of Paint/Thinner duality and contains various levels for the player to explore.


The goal of each level is to collect Film Reels and power the Projector to complete that level, but the projector must be painted. Once painted, opens to allow you entrance to the next level. Much like in Epic Mickey, doors and other obstacles can be painted and thinned as well, including the Film Reels. You are given 5 Health Pips, which can be restored by obtaining the Health Refills that are dropped by Spatters once thinned.

Selecting the Question Marks will initiate a hint screen featuring Gus, and painting in the blank signs will show you an arrow which leads to one of the Film Reels.

Spatters are the only real enemies in the game. They roam around endlessly but will chase after Mickey if they see him. In some levels, they can climb out of Manholes. These must be thinned in order for them to stop multiplying.

Bunny Children can also be found in the game. On certain levels, they will hop around harmlessly, but once Mickey is in their sight they will bounce over to him and slow him down.

Once the player has completed all 5 levels and retrieved all 25 Film Reels, a special cartoon can be played in addition to the ending.


Mean Street

Bog Easy

Bog Easy Square

Tomorrow City Lagoon

Tomorrow City Square



  • Despite his prevalence in the main game, Oswald only makes an appearance in the final cartoon here.
  • In the game they refer to the Blot as the Phantom Blot.
  • Epic Mickey: Path Painter has been removed from all of Disney's websites and game sections; however, it still exists on the Disney servers. [1]
  • Path Painter fetches most of its data from the Disney servers as you play though the game. For example, level 2 is downloaded from the server only once it's entered. This makes the game hard to archive, and may make it impossible to play after it's removed from Disney's servers.
  • The Bunny Children are referred to as the "Bunny Kids" here.
  • There is only 1 soundtrack for the background music, and it loops constantly. Nevertheless, it still creates an air of spookiness.
  • Some of the buildings in Bog Easy Square are from Mean Street. The most notable is the Courthouse.


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