Epic Mickey is a novelization of the video game by the same name. It follows Mickey's adventures in Wasteland as he tries to return home and fix the mistakes he has made. The book was written by Carla Jablonski and based on the script and story from Warren Spector and Junction Point

Description from Publisher

When Mickey Mouse accidentally ravages a colorful world made for forgotten toons, chaos ensues! A monster known as the Blot comes to life and begins sucking the land dry of precious ink, threatening to destroy everything in this cartoon world called Wasteland. Armed with a magical brush that lets him repair-or erase- anything he sees, Mickey must fix the mistakes he has made. But the Blot is not the only trouble Mickey faces. He meets his long-lost half brother, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who blames Mickey for not only causing the disaster in Wasteland, but for the loss of his love, Ortensia. After making new friends, battling new enemies, and journeying through a land of adventure and magic, will Mickey be able to save Wasteland, gain his half-brother's trust, and get back home? Or will this devastated world be lost forever?


  • The book leaves out certain parts of the story and also mixes up some of the events in the game. For instance, Gus' house is smashed by the Clock Tower instead of being Thinned out.
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