The Epic Mickey Official Game Guide is a guidebook for Epic Mickey published by Prima. It contains everything one needs to know about completing the game however thay want, including an in-depth walkthrough, the location of every Pin, and complete lists of every available Quest.


The Basics

The intro to the guide describes the screen, Mickey's moveset, Paint, Thinner, Combat, Sketches, Guardians, Gremlins, Questing, Collectibles, Shops, Enemies, and Auto-Saving.

Entering Wasteland

This section describes 3D and 2D worlds, as well as mandatory/optional Quests, Junction Points, Power-ups, Extras, the concept of multiple playthroughs, and instructions on how to use the walkthrough to progress step-by-step through the game.


The actual walkthrough section contains detail on every area, good and bad path, shortcut, collectible, and Gremlin. The complete inventory of every store and the Usher's rewards are included. Additionally, when the player encounters them, strategies for every kind of enemy (Blotling, Beetleworx, and Bunny Kid) are given.


The Appendix contains locations for all the Extra Content, Film Reels, Junction Points, Pins, and Quests.

Unused Quests

The Quest List at the back of the book contains a few that were put in there by mistake. These are either slightly altered clones of existing quests or unique ones altogether. It is also possible that these quests are from a prototype or review copy of the game.

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