The Epic Mickey Soundtrack consists of 20 tracks, all composed by Emmy award winning Jim Dooley.

It was released on December 21st for purchase.

It contains the most important and well received tracks from the original Epic Mickey game.


Jim Dooley was simply told to bring the feeling of "classic" Disney to life. With this, each track successfully invokes a different emotion while still giving the same musical feel one would get from the classical Disney animations. The tracks are based around two things, events and locations. While some tracks are played from specific encounters or boss fights, others are played during Mickey's stay in a level.

"Jim Dooley perfectly understood the concept of classic Disney sound and was able to compose a slightly off-center feel to match the unique world of Wasteland in Disney Epic Mickey," Junction Point general manager and creative director Warren Spector said in a press release. "The intuition and skill that makes Jim Dooley one of the industry’s top musical talents is represented in Disney Epic Mickey. - Brian Warmoth


Several tracks are absent, such as Mean Street or the boss fights for the Clock Tower or Petetronic and there is a track called "Transition Games 2" despite the fact that there isn't a "Transition Games 1" included.


Disney Interactive Studios announced that the tracks would be available for purchase on iTunes on December 21. Each track can be bought individually for .99$ or the entire disk for 9.99$. It can be bought at iTunes or Disney Interactive sites.


  • Despite claiming it would be released as a physical disc, no such disc was released.


  • G4: Best of 2010


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