Below are some loose guidelines on recommended formats for various page types. This page is a work-in-progress.

General Guidelines

  • Follow all the rules on How to Help.
  • Include the Applicable Games Template at the top of all game-related articles, above all other content. (documentation) This excludes pages for real-world subjects, merch and non-article pages like categories.
  • If you're ever unsure about some in-game details, consider watching part of a walkthrough.

Layout Guidelines

  • The first paragraph of an article is usually a general description.
  • Articles usually start with the name of the article in bold.
  • Try to use as few headings as possible. Try to group like things in under the same one.

Character Pages

There likely isn't need for too many more character articles. However, should you need to create another, follow the guidelines below:

  • First paragraph describes the a short write-up of the character's involvement, location, personality, voice actor etc.
  • Create an "In Epic Mickey" and/or "In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two" section detailing their involvement in the games.
  • Consider adding the following sections: Appearance (physical traits), Quotes, Trivia
  • If there are a lot of pictures in their gallery, consider giving it a separate page. (The format is [Pagename]/Gallery)

Good Examples:

Quest Pages

Tips for quest articles:

  • Articles (especially quest ones) should be written from Mickey's point of view rather than the player's. Good example: Mickey can get past these obstructions with his paintbrush. Bad example: You can get past these obstructions using the paintbrush. The same goes for Oswald.
  • Use the Quest infobox template.
  • Explain how to obtain the quest/who gives it.
  • Explain how to complete the quest.


For the image in the infobox, use a picture either of Mickey receiving/completing the quest (ideal) or a picture of Mickey completing it.

Good Examples: