If you would like to make edits here, that's great! We have a few rules that all members and admins need to adhere to.

General Rules

  • Like many Wikis, we do not allow foul/disrespectful language here. This includes articles, blogs and wall posts. Videos containing this type of language will also be removed.
    • Similarly, please be courteous to your fellow editors. If you have an edit disagreement, try to work it out with the other editor. If problems persist, seek an admin. On that note, even if an admin has made an edit which you disagree with, leave a post on their wall, along with your reason(s) as to why you believe this should be changed.
      • Under no circumstances should you remove an admins edit, or attempt to rollback the edit in any way. If you have a problem with what is written, leave them a note on their talk page.
  • If you'd like to upload something for your userpage that isn't related to Epic Mickey, please tag the image with 'User Image'. Images without this risk being deleted by an admin. Do not upload fanart that has not been made by yourself.
  • When adding a new page, please add at least 3 full sentences to the article. Stubby articles are okay! But they should still have enough information to warrant a full page for them.
  • You are not allowed to ask where you can download the game from or any of the game files. If you want to buy Epic Mickey 2 for PC, you can do so from Steam. Other platforms and games may be purchased elsewhere.
  • We have a zero tolerance for vandalism. It is not only a waste of the vandal's time, but a waste of the time for whoever has to reverse the changes. The admin team reserves the right to block vandals without prior notice at their discretion should they spot vandalism. Appeals are welcome.

What to Upload

  • No fan material is to be uploaded and added to an article. This includes 'speculatory' topics.
  • If using content from another Wiki, you must use a template which links back and credits said Wiki.
  • PNG files are preferred, though we do allow other file formats on the Wiki. Having said that, try to avoid BMP files, as they often take a long time to load!


Unless otherwise noted, you will receive 2 warnings, then a temporary ban will be issued.