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Welcome to the Epic Mickey Wiki Editor Hub! This is the central location for editors to find resources, task lists, and important updates.

Getting started

If you are a new editor, welcome to the wiki! Before getting started, make sure to read through the rules and familiarize yourself with the style guide. If you are looking for a way to help out, check out the task board below.

Community initiative

A community initiative is a unified set of tasks that all active editors are encouraged to help out with to achieve a certain goal. If you're interested in helping out, check out the Intiative Hub!

Task board (edit)

Looking to help out? Below are some tasks that need some attention:

High priority

  • Quest articles: Currently, many of our quest articles have incomplete infoboxes, few images, and an overall lack of information. Quest articles are some of our most useful articles for players, so it is important that they are useful and informative.
  • Maintaining the canon: Several articles with the Scapped Content and Speculation templates are too heavily based on speculation, fan theories, or pre-production concept art. This can potentially lead to misinformation. Non-canon content should be either rewritten to make its canonicity clear or, in some cases, deleted altogether.
  • Power of Illusion: Many Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion articles are still either stubby or missing. Gameplay videos can be used to provide missing information and screenshots.

Medium priority

  • Media maintenance: Images and videos need to be categorized and properly titled or deleted if they are duplicates. Low-res images should be replaced if a better quality version exists.
  • Large galleries: Some large galleries (~10+ images) should be split into sub-headings for better organization (example).
  • Trivia cleanup: Several of the wiki's Trivia sections need to be revised. Irrelevant, repeated, or questionable info without a source should be removed.

Low priority

  • Blot naming: Some pages still incorrectly refer to the Blot as the Shadow Blot. If you're confused about their naming, read up here.

Wiki stats

As of July 21, 2024, there are...

  • 43,923 total wiki edits
  • 1,059 total articles, of which 73 are stubs and 25 are deletion candidates
  • 4,864 total files
  • 2 administrators
  • 10 active users

Mass edits

Only admins can make bot edits. If you think a bot is needed to perform a mass edit, submit a request here.

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