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Welcome to the Community Initiative Hub! This is the central location for editors to find information and task lists for the current initiative.

Phase 1: Community discussion (current)

The first step in organizing all of the wiki's categories will be assessing every article and whether they need to be kept, renamed, or deleted. Articles will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Does it heavily overlap with another category? (similar name/topic, many of the same articles inside)
  • Is it too vague or broad of a category? 
  • Is it relevant and useful? (Category:Girlfriends, for example, is most certainly not)

We need to reach a good balance of having enough categories, but not so many that there is one for every little thing. Ideally, an article should be in no more than 6-8 categories.

What you can do

Oswaldiscool has provided a list of categories in the Category list and proposed changes section of this page along with suggested actions for each. The community needs to reach a consensus on what to do with these categories. Do you agree/disagree with any of Oswaldiscool's suggested category actions? Please voice your opinions in the discussion thread. Even if you completely agree with the proposed action list, your opinion is still valued! Once a general consensus is reached on what to do with each of the categories, we will move into phase 2.

Phase 2: Deleting, renaming categories

Due to how tedious it is to delete/rename categories wiki-wide (changes must be made to nearly every article individually), an admin bot will be used for this task. Edits will be made using the input received in phase 1.

Phase 3: Organizing categories

In this final phase, each individual article on the wiki will be revised to make sure there are no miscategorizations and that all articles are in the appropriate categories. More details on this phase will become available in the future.

Current initiative: categories

Currently, the wiki has several issues with its use of categories: there are too many of them, a lot of categories are duplicates or have overlap, many of the descriptions are vague, and tons of articles are miscategorized. Categories are a tool meant to enhance the organization and navigation of the wiki for readers, but right now, they only make things more confusing. It's also inconvenient for editors, as it can often be difficult to decide which categories to tag a page with simply because of the sheer quantity.

What is a community initiative?

A community initiative is a unified set of tasks that all active editors are encouraged to help out with to achieve a certain goal. Having the community come together to improve one aspect of the wiki can help large, tedious tasks get completed more quickly and efficiently.

Proposed changes (updated Oct. 15)


  • Strikethrough: Delete category/merge articles into another category
  • Underline: Rename category
  • Highlight: Undecided, community input wanted


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