Epic Mickey Wiki

To keep the wiki accurate, informative, and friendly, the Epic Mickey Wiki has certain rules, which are enforced by the administrators. When in doubt, ask for help.

Site-wide rules

  1. All users, including those with special permissions such as administrators, are bound by these rules.
  2. The directions of the administrators must be adhered to.
  3. The administrators have the final say. For most infractions, warnings will be given out before blocks, but in extreme situations, punishments may be given without warning.
    • In instances where users feel that they were treated unfairly, block appeals are welcome.
  4. All rules of the Fandom platform should be adhered to.
  5. Engaging in, endorsing, or asking for help with illegal activities is prohibited.
    • Sharing links to or endorsing the use of pirated content is not permitted.
    • Sharing unaltered game ROMs, files, or code is not permitted.

Community rules

The following rules apply to talk pages, user pages, message walls, the discussion forums, and any other interactions with other wiki users. The Discord server has a separate set of rules which can be found here.

  1. This website is an Epic Mickey fan site, therefore it is primarily intended for Epic Mickey-related discussion. Article talk pages should be kept strictly on-topic. There is a bit more allowance for off-topic discussion on user message walls and the discussion boards so long as existing on-topic discussion is not interrupted.
  2. Spam is not permitted. This includes repetitive or nonsense messages, excessive use of emojis, and unwanted advertising.
  3. NSFW content, overly dark or suggestive humor, and content that is otherwise unsuitable for children is strictly forbidden. Epic Mickey is rated E for everyone and this wiki attracts visitors of all ages, so content should be kept appropriate.
  4. Swearing is not permitted. First offenders will have the offending content censored by an admin and receive a warning. There is a zero-tolerance policy for overtly offensive slurs and users who use them will receive permablocks without prior warning.
  5. Harassment and bullying of any kind are not permitted. When in doubt, contact an administrator to sort things out. 
  6. Impersonating other users is forbidden.

Article rules

The following rules apply to editing and creating articles.

Editing conventions

The following items are highly recommended, but not highly punishable. Usually, another editor will happily fix any little mistakes you make (we all make them!) However, you may get a nudge on your message wall by an admin or other editor if you fail to comply with these repeatedly.

  1. Follow the style guide whenever possible to help keep the wiki consistent. Most of the style-specific editing guidelines are found there.
  2. Common in-game information typically does not need to be cited, but facts that could be debated -- especially when related to scrapped content or something out-of-universe -- should always be cited. This helps to combat misinformation and fan speculation.
  3. Please consider providing a descriptive edit summary before submitting, especially when removing content from an article. A summary is not required for small changes such as typo fixes.
  4. Only add categories if they are really needed. For example, Gremlin Prescott would not need to be in an 'Evil Gremlins' category since he is the only character that would make sense for it.

Article creation rules

Before publishing a new article, please consider the following:

  1. Is there an existing article or section on this topic? If so, expand the original article instead.
  2. Is the topic directly related to Epic Mickey? If not, it might not be suited for this wiki.
  3. Does your article contain non-canon content? This wiki is not a place for fan theories or speculation.
  4. Is there enough content? Typically, an article should have at least three sentences.
  5. Is the topic notable enough to warrant its own article? Certain topics simply are not notable enough to justify having their own article and would be better suited as an addition to an existing one. Toon characters, locations, and quests are good examples of notable article subjects. Incidental characters from projector screens, small Disney references, and background scenery are examples of topics that do not warrant their own articles. 

Editing rules

The following items are highly enforced. Failure to comply may result in a warning or block.

  1. There is a zero-tolerance policy for vandalism. This includes adding gibberish, rude content, mass-deleting pages, and deliberately false info. Though a warning will usually be given for minor or potentially unintentional offenses, the admins reserve the right to block vandals without prior notice at their discretion depending on the type of vandalism.
  2. Under no circumstances should you remove an admin's edit, or attempt to rollback the edit in any way. If you have a problem with what is written, leave them a note on their message wall.
  3. Edit wars should be avoided. If a change is controversial, it should be debated in the discussion forums or a message wall instead of clogging up an article's edit history.
    • In the event of an argument over edits, please contact an admin before things escalate. The admin will then either make a decision based on the rules and guidelines or call a community vote.
  4. Taking advantage of browser or MediaWiki exploits to crash the reader's browser will result in an indefinite block and a report to the Fandom staff.

File uploading rules

The following rules apply to images, videos, and all other file uploads.

  1. Please pick descriptive filenames. If you are uploading multiple similar files of the same subject, you may affix a number to the filename to differentiate them.
    • Bad filename: Screenshot_2014_12_25_03225566435452.jpg
    • Good filename: EM2_Mean_Street_Station_screenshot.jpg
  2. Categorize your files whenever possible. Some common file categories include:
  3. When uploading screenshots, please crop out video player UI elements, OS taskbars, etc.
  4. Cropping an image to better frame a subject and circling objects that may be hard to see are acceptable uses of image editing. Obtrusive edits such as filters, frames, and heavy color adjustments are not. Please alter images as little as necessary.
  5. When possible, avoid uploading images with watermarks.
  6. Video content should be family-friendly and adhere to the same standard of accuracy as wiki content.
  7. Media that is unrelated to Epic Mickey, including fan art, should not be uploaded to the wiki. The only exception to this rule is for use on user pages or on the discussion board.
    • Images uploaded specifically for user pages should be tagged with the 'User Images' category. Off-topic images that are not both tagged with this category and on a user page are at risk of being deleted by an admin.
    • When posting fan art on the discussion board, remember that discussions feature is mainly intended to be a place for conversation; it is not the equivalent of your personal DeviantArt profile. Fan art is welcome, but please include a brief description and try to keep all your works in one thread to avoid congesting the board.


Unless otherwise noted, rule violators will receive 2 warnings, then a temporary block will be issued. In extreme cases of intentional and destructive vandalism or spam, a permanent block may be issued at the admin's discretion. Penalties on this wiki carry over to the Epic Mickey Wiki's Discord server and all of its social media channels. Users in the Discord server who can be traced back to a banned account on the wiki will have their penalty carried over.

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