The Episodes are a new way to divide portions of a game that are introduced in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. Since Epic Mickey 2 is a short game compared to its predecessor, it is divided in three episodes: A Family Reunion, A Small Mystery, and Into the Depths; the Prologue and Epilogue can also be considered episodes. The current episode is displayed at the bottom of the map screen.


This episode takes place in Yen Sid's castle. To complete it, the player must simply venture through the castle until getting the brush and paint the Wasteland model.

Episode 1: A Family Reunion

This episode takes place from Dark Beauty Castle to the Mad Doctor's Lab; it finishes after defeating the Blotworx Dragon. This episode has many decisions including paint and thinner paths, including the Thinner sinkhole problem in Ostown, how to activate the Projector Substation in Rainbow Falls, and which side to travel in Rainbow Caverns. It also is when a player can learn the basics of the game.

Episode 2: A Small Mystery

In this episode, Mickey and Oswald use the fixed Projector Screens to advance further and find the culprit that sabotaged the projector screens. Many new places are explored from Bog Easy to Prescott's Arena, where you fight the second boss.

Episode 3: Into the Depths

This episodes starts off with the crew venturing to Ventureland, where Daisy explains her concerns about the work site where Gremlin Prescott was working. They find a path to Autotopia, where the Guardians are being held captive. After freeing them, they continue to the Mad Doctor's Attic, where Gremlin Jamface is being held prisoner. After reading a book left by the doctor himself, they realize that they need to continue to the final showdown with the doc.


If Mickey uses Paint, the Mad Doctor will save Mickey and Oswald from falling in a vat of Thinner. If not, the Guardians do the job. If he is saved, the Mad Doctor will be transformed back into a toon, and join everyone back on the celebration parade. If not, the heroes will be limited to Mickey, Oswald and Gus. However, at the very end, Big Bad Pete will throw Prescott into a projector screen, and he and the other Pete's will be laughing ominously.

After the ending cutscene, certain quests are unlocked such as Rebuilding Autotopia.

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