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The European Boat Ride is a location where Mickey enters through a projector screen. Mickey must redeem the Seers and Spatters first, then, turn off the whirlpools, redeem or defeat the Spatters and Sweepers, go up the cloud, and jump on the Eiffel Tower (you can also thin out the supports), redeem or defeat the Sweeper, paint and thin the cog and enter the Colosseum. Small Pete will talk to Mickey that he will prove it that he is sorry for crashing the ship when he showed his log to Bennett. When he doesn't show it or trade it to Shaky, he will battle a Blotling Horde. After that, Mickey enters the projector screen and reaches the Clock Tower.


There are only 2 projector screens in the Gremlin Village. Mickey must only pick one screen: Clock Cleaners or Steamboat Willie. Mickey cannot get 2 film reels for Scene 2 in Clock Cleaners and Steamboat Willie in one run, because he must pick only 1 screen.

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